The Words Escape

The Words Escape

A very warm welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Wordscapism, Shirley Siaton-Parabia‘s features weblog on literary works such as books, graphic novels and various other pieces.

I have long since wanted a blog where I can post and archive my reviews and opinions on the writings I have read and, finally, I officially launched the website on 1st July 2017. The domain name was purchased last year on the 5th of March; a little more than a month later, I gave birth to my first child. Of course, motherhood and family took foremost precedence and my other pursuits and activities were sidelined for the time being. It was only during the summer months of 2017 that I was able to set aside some time to go back to writing, building websites and blogging.

I blog about personal stuff at Shi Bytes. The rest of my websites are listed at The Honor and Blood Network.

Wordscapism is also available on your favorite social media channels and sharing networks. We have Pinterest Boards and a Tumblelog. You can also follow us on FaceBook, GoodReads, Instagram and Twitter.

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